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WellNetIQ Events
Augsburg (DE) - 25. March 2023
Linz (AT) - 26. March 2023

Learn from our Founding Distributors Franz and Hanka Pollak, and our Pearl Ambassadors Marina Petersen-Albin and Hans-Jürgen Albin, about our great business opportunity and the power of the cannabinoids from WellNetIQ. Finally, you will be able to mingle with our WellNetIQ executives, and investors. We close with a party where we will present our first new ranks in the company.

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WellNetIQ Events

Events are the livelihood to successful business building. They provide training, motivation, and simple get-togethers of like-minded people. Find out more on where they are, and how to join them.

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WellNetIQ Products

We believe in the power of cannabinoids. These wonderful life-essential phytonutrients are craved by our body. WellNetIQ supplies them to you. Vegan, bio, and grown in Germany.

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WellNetIQ Team

Good companies, are led by executives that have the skillsets to make the company thrive, motivate its staff, and give Ambassadors a long-lasting home. Check our world-renowned management team.

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