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WellNetIQ Incentives

The Power Start Advanced Incentive

Register yourself with the WellNetIQ Gold Pack latest November 30, 2022 and become immediately qualified to earn the Power Start Advanced provision for every first order that your new team member makes. That means that instead of 8% on the first order volume you receive a 16% commission.

Salzburg Christmas Incentive

Make sure that you join us for the Salzburg Christmas Day for a great afternoon of exploring the city, and an evening of culinary delights, but more importantly, being together with your team, and the WellNetIQ executives. How to join? Sponsor for 3000 BV before the end of November 2022. Your own registration volume is also included in this requirement! Oh wait, if you sponsor for 5000 BV (including your own registration volume), we also offer you an overnight in Salzburg.

WellNetIQ Lifestyle Trip

Have you ever been able to qualify so quickly for a lifestyle trip when you started with a new phase in your life? Well, at WellNetIQ you can. We are going together with all qualifiers and WellNetIQ executives to Mallorca in spring 2023, before our Grand Opening Event. You want to be part of this! How? First, become Power Fast Start Advanced by using the incentive above. Then qualify before the end of November as Pearl, according to the compensation plan, that means that you will have an OV of at least 20.000 BV.  The invitation will be for 2 persons!

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WellNetIQ Events

Events are the livelihood to successful business building. They provide training, motivation, and simple get-togethers of like-minded people. Find out more on where they are, and how to join them.

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Improve your health

WellNetIQ Products

We believe in the power of cannabinoids. These wonderful life-essential phytonutrients are craved by our body. WellNetIQ supplies them to you. Vegan, bio, and grown in Germany.

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WellNetIQ Team

Good companies, are led by executives that have the skillsets to make the company thrive, motivate its staff, and give Ambassadors a long-lasting home. Check our world-renowned management team.

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