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At WellNetIQ we believe there is a largely untapped world of health-promoting cannabinoids, the phytonutrients that our body has been craving for so long. These cannabinoids play an important role in overall wellbeing, because they promote homeostasis, the underlying biochemical balancing mechanism known to control so many processes in our body.

We at WellNetIQ, offer you the highest quality access to many of those cannabinoids in various delivery forms, from highly concentrated, highly bioavailable Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oils, to skincare products, to protein shake products. Moreover, we believe offering opening up a business opportunity so that you can get your share of the booming cannabinoid market that is continuing to grow on a world-wide scale.

Join the WellNetIQ Team

When you register yourself as a WellNetIQ Ambassador you are given the opportunity to share your product experiences and leadership with your network, literally around the world. At this moment, we are live in all the EU countries and the United Kingdom, but many more are joining us as we speak.

As a WellNetIQ Ambassador, you will receive financial rewards based on the product recommendations that you do, as well as the activities that you have inspired your team members to do. And of course, love to celebrate your successes during frequent get-togethers. Local in your neighborhood, all the way to international incentive trips.

Check out our unique WellNetIQ compensation plan.

We offer 9 ways to earn for you when you join WellNetIQ. We made sure that all the different bonus types are rewarding and promote those activities that make you grow as fast as possible. And, at WellNetIQ, every Euro stands for 1 BV. So that means no tricks, no gimmicks, you are paid on the actual value of the products that have been generated by your business.

 Compensation plan

WellNetIQ supports you

As a WellNetIQ Ambassador, you are never alone. We believe in supporting our Ambassadors to the biggest level possible. You will receive all the materials that you need to become successful in your business. Marketing flyers, science materials, training webinars, local, national and international events, and of course we are always available to answer your specific questions, through our weekly Q&A sessions. And let’s not forget our renowned customer service. Join us now! It is simple, and start earning right away.

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WellNetIQ Events

Events are the livelihood to successful business building. They provide training, motivation, and simple get-togethers of like-minded people. Find out more on where they are, and how to join them.

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Improve your health

WellNetIQ Products

We believe in the power of cannabinoids. These wonderful life-essential phytonutrients are craved by our body. WellNetIQ supplies them to you. Vegan, bio, and grown in Germany.

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WellNetIQ Team

Good companies, are led by executives that have the skillsets to make the company thrive, motivate its staff, and give Ambassadors a long-lasting home. Check our world-renowned management team.

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