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IQ Power Balm

IQ Power Balm is WellNetIQ´s soothing broad-spectrum cannabinoid cream. Cannabinoids are known for their anti-inflammatory effects, particularly effective on the skin, or just under the skin. When you rub the IQ Power Balm on the skin, you immediately feel the relaxing and pain-reducing effects in joints. People with stiff hands, or joints will experience an increased flexibility. IQ Power Balm can also be used very efficiently during a massage. IQ Power Balm features 200 mg of total cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are derived from the hemp plant, or in Latin cannabis sativa. This powerful health boosting plant features more than 100 different cannabinoids that each have their own specific beneficial effect. Of course, we source the cannabinoids from organically grown hemp in Germany. Read about all the scientific studies at our science library: www.wellnetiq.com/science


As with all (phyto)nutrients, they have to be absorbed into our body before they can exert their beneficial effects. It is known that the skin absorbs cannabinoids effectively by rubbing the balm firmly on your painful areas. IQ Power Balm also features sheabutter (butyrospermum parkii butter) which is known to moisturize the skin very effectively, and is an ailment for pain associated with tightness and itching. IQ Power Balm also includes limonene, a hemp-specific terpene, which gives the products its characteristic natural smell.


As a daily use, use IQ Power Balm on dry skin, painful parts of your skin, or itchy areas. Rub in a generous amount. Repeat if necessary.


IQ Power Balm contains 200 mg of total cannabinoids mixed with sheabutter, and among others various seed oils, including cannabis sativa seed oil.

IQ Power Balm (PDF)

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