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IQ Power Patch

IQ Power Patch is WellNetIQ´s novel delivery form product for its broad-spectrum cannabinoids. Transdermal patches are a trendy way of absorbing phytonutrients, and cannabinoids in particular into your body. The IQ Power Patches come in two sizes and have a specific design that allow not only the absorption of the cannabinoids, but also deliver a specific acupuncture treatment to painful, and trigger points on your skin. You can leave the Patches on your skin for several days, and they stay on your skin during showering, bathing and swimming. WellNetIQ has included a branded sticker for every Patch in the box, that you can apply over the Patch once you have applied it to your skin. This allows you to show to the world, that you are using IQ Power Patch to enjoy the benefits of WellNetIQ cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are derived from the hemp plant, or in Latin cannabis sativa. This powerful health boosting plant features more than 100 different cannabinoids that each have their own specific beneficial effect. Of course, we source the cannabinoids from organically grown hemp in Germany. Using the IQ Power Patches, the cannabinoids are effectively absorbed into your skin, and provide their natural anti-inflammatory effect locally. Read about all the scientific studies at our science library: www.wellnetiq.com/science


The product uses broad-spectrum cannabinoids that are incorporated into the natural glue that makes the Patches stick to your skin. The direct contact with your skin promotes the absorption.


As a daily use, apply the Patches on irritated, or painful areas of your skin. Leave them on during exercise, showering, bathing and swimming.


IQ Power Patches contain 10 mg of highly bio-available total cannabinoids.

IQ Power Patch (PDF)

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