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IQ Power To Go

IQ Power To Go is WellNetIQ´s handy travel size of broad-spectrum cannabinoid spray oil. WellNetIQ has created three flavoured versions of this convenient product: chai cinnamon, mint, and vanilla. Each spray bottle contains 54 mg of total cannabinoids. This means, it is just much more than just CBD, as many other companies claim. The cannabinoids are derived from the hemp plant, or in Latin cannabis sativa. This powerful health boosting plant features more than 100 different cannabinoids that each have their own specific beneficial effect. Of course, we source the cannabinoids from organically grown hemp in Germany. They interact in our body through the endo-cannabinoid system, which has a multitude of effects in our biochemistry. In fact, the term endocannabinoid deficiency describes the possible future health concerns that you may develop if your body does not have access to adequate cannabinoids. The most important benefit they deliver is homeostasis, the essential balancing effect of your biochemistry. If your body receives the essential phytonutrients it needs, it can prevent or delay many health concerns Read about all the scientific studies at our science library: www.wellnetiq.com/science


The product uses organic cannabis sativa seed oil as a carrier oil, which has been shown to have excellent bioavailability.


As a daily use, spray one time in your mouth, when you are on the go. You can use multiple sprays a day.


IQ Power To Go contains 54 mg of total cannabinoids mixed with cannabis sativa seed oil as carrier.

IQ Power To Go (PDF)

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