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Dr. Tilman Spangenberg
Chief Executive Officer

As Officer of the German Federal Armed Forces  Dr. Tilman Spangenberg started his career by studying economics and business administration with focus on strategic planning and corporate management. With his work about practical aspects in early detection of opportunities and threats within the company environment he reached a Ph.D. in economics. Entering business in 2003 he became a professional in finance consulting and direct sales. With new responsibilities Dr. Spangenberg could widen his experiences in Change Management, M&A building new businesses and the (financial) controlling of international companies. Different positions as MD in mid-size companies as well as CFO in multinational corporated groups giving the background for a proper launch of WellNetIQ!

"All experiences in the past coming together and focusing in this new company - based on outstanding products, with the chance to run it in a professional manner but keeping in mind that we're driven by people, that we´re responsible for our partners and that passion, talent and work will mix up for a great future!"

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WellNetIQ Events

Events are the livelihood to successful business building. They provide training, motivation, and simple get-togethers of like-minded people. Find out more on where they are, and how to join them.

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WellNetIQ Products

We believe in the power of cannabinoids. These wonderful life-essential phytonutrients are craved by our body. WellNetIQ supplies them to you. Vegan, bio, and grown in Germany.

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WellNetIQ Team

Good companies, are led by executives that have the skillsets to make the company thrive, motivate its staff, and give Ambassadors a long-lasting home. Check our world-renowned management team.

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